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Customer &GSA | 14 Jun 2010

Seeking photo savvy organizations

fotoflot project display at engineering consulting company We’re getting more and more business from organizations using photos and other images mounted on fotoflōts to tell their stories to team members, customers, clients and partners. We call them “photo savvy organizations” because in every case the project is initiated or championed by a photo enthusiast who understands the power of using the organization’s own images.

They tell us that fotoflōts helped them make a much more impactful statement, they appreciate how easy it is to order a complete installation, and they love that everything required for installation comes with the shipment. And some of them utilize the magnetic mounting a lot and rearrange their display frequently.

fotoflot display describing development methodology at an engineering consulting company Orders come from a wide range of organizations. They include engineering consulting companies, real estate developers, manufacturing companies, medical centers, retirement communities, Federal Government agencies and many others.

Send us a note if you have a project in mind that we could help you with.

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