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Customer &International &Product | 26 Aug 2014

flōt and the world flōts with you

A picture is worth a thousand words – in any language. So it is no surprise that fotoflōts are popular throughout the world. We regularly ship them to locations outside of the US, pretty much every production run. But when someone recently asked us how many countries we had shipped to, we realized we didn’t know off the top of our heads. After a quick look in the shipping database, we had our answer.

To our surprise, we have shipped to 50 countries around the world. fotoflōts assembled and packaged near Chicago, Illinois, and launched out of the O’Hare International Airport have made long journeys to India, Australia and Zimbabwe, and ended up on islands like Iceland, Japan and New Zealand. We often have what we like to call “triangle” orders. For example, a customer in Brazil sends a fotoflōt gift from Chicago to a loved one in France.

Compared to these world travelers, many fotoflōts don’t have to travel very far at all to get to their destination. We have shipped to all 50 states in the US, the District of Columbia and the territories. fotoflōts are in the White House and in US embassies and installations worldwide. Some of our products won’t be tied down – fotoflōts have been delivered to a US Navy destroyer and are cruising the South Pacific.

Now we are just wondering, which country is next.


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