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We founded sentiam on the conviction that we can all benefit from better ways to display photographic prints in this digital renaissance. Today, most photos are framed behind glass, creating glare and compromising the image quality made possible by today’s cameras. Today, most of us produce more good prints than we have space to display them. We can do better.

Fueled by that conviction, we created the fotoflōt system. The first fotoflōt products provide a clean, contemporary display method that loses the glass, subtly emphasizes the image, and virtually creates more photo space on your walls.

We are also creating services to simplify the entire process of selecting, ordering, displaying and interacting with printed digital images. It starts with one-stop shopping, which integrates printing and mounting into a single, simple step.


With the fotoflōt system, you can display high-quality prints without glass, which eliminates reflection and glare and allows images to explode off the wall with color and detail. And because the system works without frames or matting, the image size increases while occupying the same amount of wall space.

Hanging is a snap literally. You just attach the mounting bracket to the wall using the included hardware, align the magnetic cups on the back of the print to the magnetic discs on the mounting bracket, and snap your fotoflōt print is mounted firmly in place. And when you want to display a new photo, simply snap off one print from the mounted bracket and snap on another.

Sizes range from 7.5x10 to 15x30 from squares to panoramas. Some sizes can be ordered with either a wall bracket or desk stand option.


Tom McAuliffe, Jürgen Reinold and Jim Alef are co-founders and comprise the sentiam management team. They bring complementary capabilities to sentiam from their extensive business experience. Equally important, the fotoflōt concept grew out of Tom’s and Jürgen’s personal experiences as enthusiastic amateur photographers.

Tom spent most of his career in the telecommunications industry, in product management and business planning. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at a large telecommunications company. Tom has been an amateur photographer since college days, and currently is shooting with a Nikon D70.

Jürgen is a computer scientist by education and spent his career in various locations in Europe and the USA in software development, system architecture, technology management, and intellectual property management. Having shot 35mm color slides and B&W prints in his early years, Jürgen rediscovered his passion for photography with the arrival of digital SLRs. He is shooting with a Nikon D200.

Jim has extensive executive experience in operations and finance. sentiam is Jim’s second startup. His first, where he was co-founder and CEO, was a successful technology company. He also held senior positions in the banking and real estate industries.