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Himalaya &Landscape &South Pole | 22 Jun 2012

Journey Into Climate

Taking photos in the cold is not a lot of fun. But try that at the South Pole or in the Himalayas. Actually, you don’t have to since Paul Andrew Mayewski and Michael Cope Morrison took a lot of stunning images while on excursions in the 1980’s. The slides they took have been scanned, are […]

Chicago &Cityscape &Digital Stitch &High Dynamic Range | 22 Jun 2012

Loe Lekas HDR Magic

Sometimes you come across some photos where you think “how was that done”?. Joe Lekas creates those kind of photos all the time. Located in Chicago, he takes advantage of the many stunning views in and around the city. But he applies his magic to locations across the contry. Take a look at some of […]