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Himalaya &Landscape &South Pole | 22 Jun 2012

Journey Into Climate

Taking photos in the cold is not a lot of fun. But try that at the South Pole or in the Himalayas.

Actually, you don’t have to since Paul Andrew Mayewski and Michael Cope Morrison took a lot of stunning images while on excursions in the 1980’s. The slides they took have been scanned, are now available in a book, and a subset will be on display in July 2012 at the Canessa Gallery, 708 Montgomery Street, in San Francisco.

More information at Journey Into Climate. You can get some of the images printed on fotoflōt.

View From Nun Kun Plateau

Ascending Nun Kun Ice Plateau

Transanarctic Mountains

Wind Blown Sunset

Snow Mobile Traverse

Traverse to Nun Kun

Beardmore Glacier Camp

Processing Core

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