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Getting the most out of the fotoflōt web application

fotoflot.com &Zenfolio | 11 Oct 2008

fotoflōt your Zenfolio photos

fotoflot.com is partnered with Zenfolio, making it easy for Zenfolio customers to make their photos look their best:

  • vivid colors and contrast without glass and glare
  • floating off the wall or desk
  • held in place with magnets for quick change

Simply go to the login page on fotoflot.com and use your Zenfolio credentials to log in. Your Zenfolio nickname or email address associated with the Zenfolio account plus password gives immediate access to all your albums and images on Zenfolio.


Once you log in with your Zenfolio credentials, you’ll see your albums and images. Pick a photo and flōt it!


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