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Company &fotoflōts on walls &Organization &Story telling &Wall collage | 07 Jan 2009

Priio fotoflōts their office

Ideas on napkins - detailPriio is a product development company focusing on intelligent, interactive products. They were looking for an approach to decorating their office entryway and came across fotoflōt, which they used to create multi-panel installations on two different walls.

The first is a four-panel installation based on a graphic illustrating how great ideas can start with a napkin drawing:

4-panel fotoflōt arrangement
The second installation describes their design process, illustrated with product prototypes:

fotoflōts describing Priio development process

Priio development process - detail

Larry O’Cull of Priio was delighted with the result, and found the magnetic mounting system useful:

The magnetic mounts were very helpful in that we could mock everything up, take it all down, paint, install everything and then just pop-up the fotoflots at the end (keeping them safe through the process.)

Thinking about decorating your office? Send us a note and we’ll work with you.

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