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Diptychs, triptychs, ... &fotoflōts on walls &fotoflōt arrangements &Wall collage | 24 Nov 2009

Here’s a mind bending panoramic display


Bob Miklosey contacted us to see whether we could handle a panoramic image over 50 inches wide. We told him our widest size is 30 inches, but some customers have split large images into two or more panels, mounted side-by-side. Bob ran with the suggestion and created this innovative fotoflōt arrangement:

Bob Miklosey’s fotoflot diptych

Most images are split in the center, but Bob broke it into 10×30 and 10×20 fotoflōts, perfect for this image. Then he wrapped the image around a corner, a great way to bring a 3D effect to a panoramic display. This picture gives a better sense of the 3D effect:


Contact us if you have your own mind bending ideas.

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