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Lobby &Office &Square &Wall | 29 Jul 2010

AtHoc displays customer logos with fotoflōt

Display of customer logos increases credibility
AtHoc is a leading provider of emergency notification systems to military, government and commercial organizations. Millions of individuals worldwide rely on AtHoc’s unified notification systems for their emergency alerting and critical communication needs.

AtHoc serves many large organizations that need to be comfortable with their ability to deliver and maintain high-quality systems. Displaying the logos of current customers helps establish their credibility.

AtHoc had been printing the logos and slipping them into plexiglass holders mounted to a wall in the lobby area where they are visible to customers, visitors, technology partners and the press. They learned about fotoflōt and realized that it would enhance their credibility by displaying the logos in a more professional manner. They ordered all the logos on 10″x10″ fotoflōts for a consistent look and mounted them in their lobby.

Display of customer logos increases credibility

Once they had the logos up on the wall, they realized that fotoflōts provide another benefit: the magnetic mounting system makes it easy to rearrange the logos. Now they can change and reorder the logos in seconds to modify their appearance or tailor them to a particular visitor.

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