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Arrangement &Commercial &Restaurant &Wall | 02 Aug 2010

fotoflōt – As seen on TV

During the summer break 2009, the popular Chicago WTTW PBS restaurant review show “Check Please !” received a brand-new set for the 2010 season. Furniture and accessories from Crate & Barrel as well as many realistic props create the impression of a functioning restaurant when host Alpana Singh talks with three guests (people from “all […]

Arrangement &Gallery &Office &Wall | 29 Jul 2010

Carol Parker decorates her studio with fotoflōts

Carol Parker is a professional photographer located in Tucson, Arizona. She recently remodeled an old adobe home to use as her studio and workplace. Carol told us she found fotoflōt to be “elegant and very user friendly”. She wanted to have a display wall of photos and change the gallery periodically to feature different subjects […]

Home &Wall | 29 Jul 2010

A creative informal wall arrangement

Ross Peebles is an excellent photographer and long time customer who has put up several fotoflōt arrangements in his home. This one in particular caught our eye: The arrangement seems to flow around the light switch and door. Its organic design creates a beautiful effect and demonstrates that not all arrangements have to be structured […]

Lobby &Office &Square &Wall | 29 Jul 2010

AtHoc displays customer logos with fotoflōt

AtHoc is a leading provider of emergency notification systems to military, government and commercial organizations. Millions of individuals worldwide rely on AtHoc’s unified notification systems for their emergency alerting and critical communication needs. AtHoc serves many large organizations that need to be comfortable with their ability to deliver and maintain high-quality systems. Displaying the logos […]