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Print Quality &Review | 14 Jan 2010

“If it’s good enough to put on a wall, then it deserves a quality printer”

The title of the post is a quote from a fotoflōt review by Tejus Parik. Tejus recently flōted one of his photos and wrote about it in his blog. He compared the fotoflōt print with one done by a lower-cost photo processor and was impressed by the sharpness of the fotoflōt image. His post included several side-by-side comparisons, including the following (fotoflōt on the top, other photo processor on the bottom):

Tejus Parik comparison - fotoflōt

Tejus Parik comparison - other photo processor

Tejus commented, “You can see that the lines on the Peugeot in the top frame are far crisper and sharper.” And in his conclusion he said, “The details that made the picture interesting are simply lost in commodity printing.”

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