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Print Quality &Review | 14 Jan 2010

“If it’s good enough to put on a wall, then it deserves a quality printer”

The title of the post is a quote from a fotoflōt review by Tejus Parik. Tejus recently flōted one of his photos and wrote about it in his blog. He compared the fotoflōt print with one done by a lower-cost photo processor and was impressed by the sharpness of the fotoflōt image. His post included […]

Awareness | 18 Nov 2009

Virtual Photography Studio recommends fotoflōt as a cool new product

Virtual Photography Studio focuses on advanced amateur and part time professional photographers who want to make photography their career.  It’s run by a husband and wife team who created a successful online photography business. They try to help others achieve that goal with tips, articles, coaching, books, a blog and other resources. A recent blog post focused on […]

Feedback &HDR Photography | 16 Oct 2009

Two thumbs up for fotoflōt + HDR

Reid Rosenburg is a recent newcomer to fotoflōt. After purchasing his first fotoflōt he posted about it on his blog. Reid makes a couple good points in his first sentence: “I have been looking for a way to display my HDR photos for quite some time now, and I think I’ve finally found a way. Framing has always been […]

Awareness &Feedback | 19 Sep 2009

fotoflōt puts Stephen Zeller in “photog” heaven

Stephen Zeller is a portrait photographer with a primary focus on families and children. He’s a customer of the online photo service Zenfolio. He recently won a Zenfolio contest and was awarded a fotoflōt. Stephen had never heard of fotoflōt before, but after he got his product he says, “If you’re in the market for […]

Awareness | 16 Dec 2008

There’s a fotoflōt fan group on Facebook

A group of enthusiasts have created a “Fan of fotoflōt” group on Facebook. You can visit them here. If you’re a Facebook member, take a look and see what others are saying about fotoflōt. If you’re a fotoflōt owner, join the fan group and post a photo of your fotoflōt in its native habitat. And […]

Feedback | 11 Dec 2008

Antique Mommy likes fotoflōt

A few weeks ago, we came across a blog post on Antique Mommy about the cool things you can do with Google’s Picasa photo editing software. Since we’re a Picasa Print Provider – making it super easy for Picasa users to flōt their photos – we told her about fotoflōt because we thought she and […]

Feedback &Panorama | 22 Jan 2008

Another delighted customer

Our goal is to delight every customer, and it looks like we succeeded with Peter, a SmugMug member. Peter was delighted with the packaging, which protected the fotoflōt. And he was delighted with the image. “The print is just fantastic. This image doesn’t do the real thing justice, but I am totally happy with the […]

Feedback &Panorama | 15 Jan 2008

Got panorama? fotoflōt it!

fotoflōts look great at any size and aspect ratio, but we offer a few unique wide panoramas. Lee LeFever fotoflōted a few of his 3:1 and 4:1 panoramas. Lee LeFever and his wife Sachi run Common Craft, a business that uses “a simple format and real-world stories to make sense of complex ideas.” Lee wrote […]

Feedback | 13 Jan 2008

A very satisfied customer

We’re fortunate to have customers who like their fotoflōts, and Kelly Morgan is one of them. Here is one of the pictures he fotoflōted. The one thing we couldn’t do – because of Christmas rush delays – was to get him the fotoflōts before Christmas. But Kelly liked everything else, and emailed Jürgen with the […]