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Collage &fotoflōts on walls &fotoflōts on desks &Story telling | 24 Oct 2009

Her first walk

Our granddaughter is a year old and recently began walking. She had been taking a few steps for a couple weeks and clearly was determined to master the walking thing. We took her to a nearby park and let her go. After 30 minutes of nonstop walking and a few stumbles, she got it and was able to make it 20 or 30 steps.

The collage below captures her determination and her progress from tentative steps, through some off-balance moments, to a confident stride.


The 5″x15″ fotoflōt size is especially good for this type of collage. It works well with three or four images, but can also work with more or fewer. And it can be displayed on a desk or wall.

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